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California, New Jersey and Washington state

The History of The Mountanos Family

Four generations of the Mountanos Family starting in the year 1898 have been involved in the coffee business.  At the turn of the century, two brothers, Richard and Stratis Mountanos emigrated from Stratis MountanosGreece to California and began roasting and selling quality coffee from a horse drawn cart in Oakland and San Francisco area.  When the small cart could no longer handle the demand for their special fine quality coffees, they moved to a storefront at 4th and Market in the city of Alameda and Mountanos Brothers Inc. was open for business. 

During the 1920's, the second generation of coffee roasters, Michael and Richard Mountanos took over the business and Michael Mountanosrelocated the operation to the city of San Francisco.  The business gained vast popularity and continued to expand the business. 

Years later the name changed again to United Coffee Corp.  and it was at that time Milt Mountanos, who represented the third generation, began to oversee the family growing business.  By 1968, Milt had assumed full control of the company having bought out his Father and Uncle's share of the business at the time of their retirement.  During the 1970's, Milt had directed United Coffee Corporation to become one of the premier coffee suppliers in the state of Calif. and the United States by leading the company into high quality gourmet coffees and influencing an entire industry. 

Like the generations that had preceded them, Milt's sons, Mike and Mark Mountanos representing the fourth "coffee" generation, found themselves knee deep in coffee business right from the beginning.  Both Mike and Mark assisted their Grandfather, Great Uncle and Father in all aspects of the business from the importation of green coffee to the roasting, packaging, selling and distribution of the finished product.  During the 1960's and 1970's both Mike and Mark witnessed the tremendous success of their father’s business based on the two principles of consistent quality and service.  It wMilt Mountanosas with that business ideal in mind that the two branched out on their own after Milt sold the business and retired in 1979. 

In 1982, after two years of green coffee trading with one of the world's largest green coffee importing companies, Mark Mountanos established the M.P.  Mountanos, Inc.  which specializes in the sourcing and importation of high quality raw green arabica coffee beans.  Today, MP Mountanos, Inc. continues to focus their attention on the requirements of the small and medium-sized roaster.  With a commitment tDick Mountanoso quality coffee and exceptional customer service, MP Mountanos, Inc.  has kept alive the traditional business values established by the Mountanos family name over 100 years ago. 

M.P.  Mountanos of SoCal, Inc.  (Southern California) began selling fine quality green arabica coffees in 1986.  Following in the direction of his cousin Mark P.  Mountanos, President of M.P.  Mountanos, Inc., Rick Kourafas formed MP Mountanos of SoCal, Inc.  so as to compliment the growing need for specialty arabica coffee nationwide.

Today, M.P.  Mountanos of SoCal, Inc. strives to provide the finest green coffee selection to coffee roasters within the U.S., Canada and abroad.  The basis for the success of M.P.  Mountanos of SoCal, Inc.  is predicated on quality product and consistently reliable service.

M.P.  Mountanos of SoCal has helped roasters develop their coffee programs for the last 30 years.  MP Mountanos of SoCal makes every effort to M.p. Mountanos help to roastersassist roasters with source-based point of sale materials along with a willingness to assist with roast profiles and blend development. 

Please let us know how MP Mountanos of SoCal, Inc. can be of service to you.

Thank you for your interest.

M.P. Mountanos of So. Calif. Inc.

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